Merry Christmas

Many thanks to all our friends, partners and clients working with us in these exciting times. We wish you a well-deserved break, a relaxing Christmas holiday and a perfect start into a Happy New Year 2017!

FoBiG is growing older …
In 2016, it is 30 years from the very beginnings of FoBiG. And next year we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of FoBiG as a GmbH (private limited company). On this account, this year’s Christmas card motive is hinting to our company’s history (see explanation below). The experience gained in all these years is our treasure in the demanding and constantly changing world of regulatory toxicology and risk assessment.

… and is getting younger and younger: Welcome to the team, Henrike (H. Berkefeld, biologist) and Anne (A. Bierwisch, toxicologist)!

Our cover picture: Twenty-five symbols for 25 years since the GmbH came to life make a Christmas tree: during these years the company was located at different places in Freiburg, from early beginnings in the Gerberau (3 years there = 3 nuts) to the 14 years we spent in Werderring (oranges) to our (not so new anymore) location in Klarastraße (stars). Neurotransmitters of various kinds and amounts flooded our circulations from time to time.