FoBiG is pleased to announce the start of our collaboration with the members of the Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association (HSPA). We are looking forward to support HSPA in the dossier preparation for certain hydrocarbon solvents used in printing inks (or other mixtures) in food contact materials (FCM). Currently there is no respective European legislation. The application is intended for submission to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) for inclusion of respective substances in a recommendation list (which is not legally binding).

For further information on FCM please contact Karin Heine.


FoBiG, together with Öko-Institut and Risk & Policy Analysts (RPA), supported the Directorate General for the Environment (DG ENV) of the European Commission in developing indicators to monitor environmental and health benefits of the EU chemicals legislation. While developing such indicators encounters several problems, the recently published report of this project provides in-depth analyses of several possible indicators and concludes for each of them whether they should be pursued in the future, may have some potential in the future or should not be considered further. Among other topics, FoBiG contributed a concept to this report that allows analysing measured data with respect to their suitability to be used for indicators development.

For further information please contact Jan Oltmanns.

Rubber granules manufactured from end-of-life tyres are used as in-fill material for sports fields. In a project on initiative of the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturer‘s Association (ETRMA), and the Crumb Rubber Industry Platform (CRIP) FoBiG, together with partners Eurofins and Labosport, evaluated human health risks from this use. The results were published as three sequential papers in the scientific journal „Science of the Total Environment“ and are publicly available as „open access“.

ERASSTRI - European Risk Assessment Study on Synthetic Turf Rubber Infill – Part 1: Analysis of infill samples
ERASSTRI - European Risk Assessment Study on Synthetic Turf Rubber Infill – Part 2: Migration and monitoring studies
ERASSTRI - European Risk Assessment Study on Synthetic Turf Rubber Infill – Part 3: Exposure and risk characterisation

For further information please contact Klaus Schneider.

Allergic skin diseases due to occupational exposure to sensitizing agents represent a major problem in preventive occupational safety. This also applies to epoxy resin systems known for their outstanding technical properties. Several projects have already dealt with the sensitizing effect of the ingredients contained in these systems. As a technical innovation in the systems, so-called prepolymers are increasingly being used. The present project is intended to make statements on the sensitizing potency in comparison to the monomeric components on the basis of in vitro tests. The project is funded by the DGUV (FP-0451). The testing of further ingredients is supported by the members of the working group Epoxy Resin Ingredients in terms of content and financial support. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Your contact for further information at FoBiG is Karin Heine.

A new textbook “The Practice of Consumer Exposure Assessment” by editors Gerhard Heinemeyer, Matti Jantunen, and Pertti Hakkinen has been published now in Springer, with a contribution by Klaus Schneider. This book provides a very comprehensive and detailed overview on approaches and the practice of assessing consumer exposure from food, environmental media and consumer products.