Advanced Course in Toxicology: endocrine active substances

The evaluation of endocrine active substances is currently under discussion. EU legislation demands extensive consequences for endocrine disruptors: biocides and pesticides containing endocrine disruptive substances may not be placed on the market. Endocrine active substances may be placed on the candidate list for authorisation on a case-by-case basis in the context of REACH. Currently, no standardised definition or evaluation criteria for endocrine disruptors exist in the EU. The previous goal to elaborate such criteria untill the end of 2013 has been postponed till October 2014. Endocrine disruptors and regulatory consequences are the topic of the next Advanced Course in Toxicology of the Working Group Regulatory Toxicology of the German Society of Toxicology (DGPT). This course takes place on 31 March 2014 as satellite activity of the annual conference of the DGPT in Hannover. FoBiG is presenting results of an actual project.

You find the program and the registration form for the course here.