Continuation of the work on the prevention of allergenic skin disease caused by the ingredients of epoxy resin systems

In the current edition (6/2017) of the DGUV Forum, the trade journal for prevention, rehabilitation and compensation, the article – Epoxy resins on "EIS" – was published (available only in German). Among other things, the results of the research project FP-0384, carried out and concluded by FoBiG and the IVDK, are summarized, as well as the continuation of the prevention work within the Epoxy Resin Information System (EIS), supported by the related work group. The work group is composed of representatives of the accident insurance institutions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as representatives from various professional associations, industry and science. At the end of September, the second meeting of the working group will take place. A software application for the easier comparison of the risk potential of two epoxy resin mixtures will be presented and further possibilities for improvement will be examined and discussed.