Identification of emerging chemical risks in the food chain

FoBiG and Fraunhofer ITEM have applied the procedure for the identification of emerging chemical risks in the food chain (developed in a pilot study sponsored by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)) to chemicals registered under the REACH Regulation. Starting from about 15 000 registered chemical, this EFSA-sponsored study identified 2 336 substances that met specific eligibility criteria. These substances were evaluated in relation to possible releases to the environment, biodegradation and potential accumulation in the food chain. Chronic human health hazards were assessed on the basis of classifications under the CLP Regulation. A total of 212 substances were identified as potential emerging chemicals risks in the food chain using the established methodology. This methodology and the detailed results were now published by EFSA as an external scientific report. Relevant input data and the key results for all 2 336 substances as well as a batch version of the ACC-HUMANsteady software, which was used to predict potential accumulation in the food chain, are made available and allow interested stakeholders to perform additional analyses.

Please contact Jan Oltmanns for further information.