New report on the efficiency of dermal personal protective equipment published

FoBiG together with Fraunhofer ITEM has evaluated the effectiveness of protective gloves, suits and other dermal personal protective equipment under contract of the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). Relevant dosimetry and biomonitoring studies were selected based on an extensive literature survey. From these studies, datasets with minimum information for identified for a quantitative evaluation of efficiency values. A sufficient number of datasets allowing a statistical evaluation of the efficiency values was only retrieved for protective gloves and suits. Additional analyses, e.g. on the impact of the monitoring method, the study design, the length or the state of protective gloves did not allow drawing definitive conclusions since important information was missing in the studies. Due to these problems, common default values for the efficiency of dermal personal protective equipment could not be reliably confirmed or refuted with the data generated. The final report (in English) was publlished by BauA .

For further information, please contact Jan Oltmanns