Ranking of Epoxy Resin Compounds Based on Their Sensitising Potency

Epoxy resin systems have excellent technical characteristics and are difficult to replace. Many components of epoxy resin systems can lead to allergies. Currently FoBiG is working on a project called “Ranking of Substances Included in Epoxy Resin Systems According to their Sensitising Potency” which is funded by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV; FP-0384). It is a follow-up project from a study performed in 2011/2012 (FP-0324, final report available at GISBAU homepage, only summary available in English). The focus of the ongoing project lies on validation of the chosen evaluation methodology, but mainly on closing of data gaps, which were identified in the previous project and thus contains an extensive test program. In addition, the list of the ingredients assessed has been enlarged and the issue of sensitizing potency of various formulations shall be discussed. The results of the project, especially a list of comprehensive characterization of components with regard to their sensitizing potency but also other properties, will be made publicly available. This is important to the target groups of the project, i.e. manufacturers and users of epoxy resin systems, occupational physicians and control institutions, to allow concrete actions. For example, it may allow manufacturers to develop epoxy resin systems with the least possible sensitizing potency. Users may assist this selection and thus substitution process with their demand patterns. The completion of the project is expected later this year.

For further information please contact Fritz Kalberlah.