Results of the ‘REACH Baseline Study – 10 Years Update‘ published

The ‘REACH Baseline Study’, originally initiated by the European Commission (Directorate General EUROSTAT) investigates the impact of REACH on the risks caused by chemicals as well as the impact on the quality of the underlying data. The study has a strong time trend focus by repeating the assessments every 5 years. From the beginning, FoBiG was involved in the conceptualisation and the original study as well as in the 5 years update. As in the past, FoBiG together with colleagues from INERIS, DHI and under the lead of the Öko-Institut Freiburg has worked on the 10 years update of the study. The work was sponsored by the European Commission (Directorate General Internal Market, Industry, Enterprise and SME) and was now published on the Commission’s website.

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