Toxicological assessment of indoor air pollutants

On behalf of the German ‘Umweltbundesamt’ (UBA-FKZ 3716622053), FoBiG carries out the toxicological assessment of C4-C8 alkanes as basis for the derivation of indoor air guide values (RW-II and RW-I). FoBiG has already gained extensive experience with the individual substances and mixtures to be evaluated by updating the RCP method (RCP = reciprocal calculation procedure) for the evaluation of hydrocarbon mixtures at the workplace in 2014. The evaluation of the C4-C8 alkanes is necessary, as they have recently been increasingly detected in indoor air, according to the German Committee on Indoor Guide Values (AIR). Various representatives of the group of substances are used, for example, as solvents in paints, resins and spot removers indoors. Lamp oils and emissions from fireplaces might also be emission sources.

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