What a year...

in which much more than just the toxicological challenges had to be overcome. Like many of you, we are sure that improvisation was (and still is) always in demand in times of the Corona crisis. Faster and more extensively than originally planned, we have established home office capacities and extended online conference systems, without losing sight of the actual work. This was not always easy.

In the midst of these events, Jan Oltmanns – as planned and prepared for a long time – took over the management of the company in July 2020 from Klaus Schneider, who, in addition to a little more leisure time, now devotes himself entirely to exciting projects and will continue to be available as your contact person.

Many thanks to all friends, business partners and customers for the good cooperation and sometimes high flexibility in this extraordinary year.
We wish you a well-deserved break, a relaxing Christmas holiday, a good start into the New Year 2021 and stay safe!

This year we are looking for three chemical elements whose colours appear in fireworks as shown (note the little help provided!).

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