Workshop "Epoxy resin systems and allergies" in Vienna

On June 13th, 2017, a workshop called "Epoxy resin systems and allergies" takes place in Vienna. The event is organized by the General Accident Insurance Association (AUVA, Austria; the workshop language is German). Current research results and the situation with regard to skin diseases and skin treatment as well as current measures for prevention are presented. Among other things, FoBiG employees present the results of a current project (final report of DGUV FP-0384) supported by German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). The aim of the project was to evaluate the sensitizing potency of as many ingredients of epoxy resin systems as possible, and to demonstrate the possibilities to incorporate the results into the practical evaluation of the epoxy resin systems. Registration for participation in the workshop is required.

For further Information, please contact Karin Heine.