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[Translate to English:] Chemikalien - REACH/CLP

Chemicals – REACH / CLP

Registration services, authorisation, classification and labeling, IUCLID dossiers, exposure scenarios, supply chain, PNECs; DNELs, chemical safety report, CHESAR
[Translate to English:] Biozidprodukte


Active substance dossiers, authorisation of biocidal products, exposure assessment, biocides regulation
[Translate to English:] Arbeitsschutz

Occupational safety

Hazardous substances at the workplace, occupational exposure levels, occupational safety and health
[Translate to English:] Lebensmittelsicherheit

Food safety

Food contaminants, food additives, exposure assessment, food contact materials, maximum levels
[Translate to English:] Kosmetika - Verbraucherprodukte

Cosmetics – consumer products

Safety assessment, consumer articles, safety of consumer products, exposure estimation
[Translate to English:] Schadstoffe in Umweltmedien

Environmental contaminants

Hazardous waste sites, groundwater, drinking water, outdoor air contaminants, indoor air, soil trigger values, emission

As published in the EU- Official Journal on 11 April 2022, the authorization requirements under Annex XIV are extended to the following five substances:

  • Tetraethyllead (TEL) (EC 201-075-4, CAS…