Food safety evaluation

Food safety is very high on the agenda in Europe. Food additives and food contact materials are assessed to ascertain safe use and maximum levels are set for contaminants (environmental contaminants, mycotoxins etc.), to ensure the toxicological safety of food.

FoBiG supports food safety evaluations for both the food industry and authorities (European food Safety Authority (EFSA), German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)), such as:

  • Assessment of the toxic effects of contaminants, food contact materials and food additives (e.g. EFSA project on mycotoxins)
  • Assessment of the exposure to substances from food (e.g. LExUkon project)
  • Methodological issues of the assessment of substances in food (see e.g. projects on: maximum levels for non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic food contaminants such as arsenic.

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