Occupational safety

The assessment of hazardous substances at the workplace has been one of our core competences for many years. Our services with regard to occupational health and safety compliance include substance- and workplace-specific assessments as well as methodological work.

Substance- and workplace-specific assessments

Methodological projects

  • Search for substitutes (TRGS 600)
  • Occupational exposure assessment, e.g. in relation to dermal exposure and skin penetration (EU-Projekt "RiskofDerm") or for specific products, such as biocides (e.g. BAuA project F 1922)
  • Application of dosimety models (MPPD) for a prediction of dust deposition in the respiratory tract
  • FoBiG developed the "EIS-Gemischerechner" from the DGUV funded project (FP-0384) and the further commitment from the working group "Epoxy Resin Ingerdients". This is a practical tool that can be used to compare two technically interchangeable epoxy resin products with regard to their sensitizing potency.

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