Company history

FoBiG was founded in 1986 by the industrial engineer Dr Fritz Kalberlah. In 1992, FoBiG changed its organizational structure and became a private limited company, with Fritz Kalberlah, Klaus Schneider, Martin Hassauer and (since 2009) Jan Oltmanns as partners. In 2018, Fritz Kalberlah and Martin Hassauer retired and left the company. Ulrike Schuhmacher-Wolz, Karin Heine, Markus Schwarz and Eva Kaiser became new partners, joining Klaus Schneider and Jan Oltmanns.

Fritz Kalberlah led the company as general manager until the end of 2011. Between 2012 and June 2020 Klaus Schneider led the company. On July 1, 2020 Jan Oltmanns took over the management.

Since July 2009, the FoBiG office is located in Klarastraße, close to Freiburg main station, with a wonderful view on downtown Freiburg and the near Black Forest.