Interdisciplinary cooperation forms an important part of our daily work – we are working with scientists coming from various disciplines.

REACH - Authorisation

For the authorisation of substances under REACH, the evaluation of socio-economic costs and benefits is an important step, besides the evaluation of risks for human health and the environment. Risk and Policy Analysts Ltd. (RPA) in Loddon, Norwich, UK, provides outstanding expertise in performing socio-economic analyses (SEA) and other tasks important for drafting applications for authorisation. Together with RPA, FoBiG provides full-scale support for preparing applications for authorisation under REACH.


In the area of biocides, FoBiG cooperates with partners Battelle, Hydrotox GmbH and ECT Oekotoxikologie GmbH to provide comprehensive services for active biocidal substance dossiers and authorisation of biocidal products.

Legal aspects

FoBiG cooperates with attorneys specialised in the respective fields whenever necessary. For legal issues related to industrial property and related areas, we cooperate with the Freiburg law firm Miller Rechtsanwälte.

Laboratory analyses

FoBiG has no laboratory and does not perform experimental analyses. Depending on the specific topic (chemical analyses, studies on toxicological and ecotoxicological effects), we cooperate with competent facilities with the experience and qualification (e.g. GLP) required.