Corporate mission

The Forschungs- und Beratungsinstitut Gefahrstoffe GmbH (FoBiG) is a privately owned company specialised in chemical safety and (eco-)toxicological risk assessment.

It is one of few consultancies in this area working for authorities (at the national and EU level) as well as for industry (see References). This allows for a balanced view on tasks and facilitates searching for science- and evidence-based solutions, which secure safe handling of chemicals and help to identify and avoid risks.

Our work aims at performing risk assessments objectively and in a transparent manner at a high scientific and methodological level. High transparency means to document data and conclusions detailed and comprehensibly, when performing risk assessments. We offer our services to all institutions, companies or individuals, who require support for evaluating chemical risks. In accordance with our interdisciplinary project tasks, with overlapping topics coming from toxicology, ecotoxicology, chemistry and associated disciplines, our team is comprised of scientists from various disciplines (toxicology, chemistry, biology, pharmacy) (see Our team). Continuing education of all staff members (e.g. by attending DGPT courses in toxicology or educational courses in ecotoxicology at SETAC-GLB/GdCh, by attendance and contributions to conferences) is key to the successful completion of our manifold tasks. Since 2018, FoBiG is certified by the German Society of Toxicology as an institution for continued education in toxicology.

In accordance with these aims FoBiG is engaged with its expertise in various honorary committees. For many years, Dr Klaus Schneider was a member of the committee on „Exposure Assessment and Standardisation" of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung, BfR). Besides other activities, he contributes as a temporary adviser to the “Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives” (JECFA) on the evaluation of food contaminants and additives. In 2014, Dr Ulrike Schuhmacher-Wolz was nominated as a member of the German Commission for Drinking Water of the Federal Ministry of Health at the Environmental Federal Agency. She and Klaus Schneider are active members of the working group „Regulatory Toxicology“ of the German Society for Toxicology (GT/DGPT).

FoBiG staff members are members of the German Society for Toxicology (GT/DGPT), the EUROTOX Risk Assessment Speciality Section and the International Society for Exposure Science (ISES).